Albany, Fort
Referenced in Drums Along the Mohawk probably another name for Fort Frederick on State Street hill (1676-1789?). Submitted by Cliff Lamere, Albany, NY: "I have only heard of two dates for dimantling the fort; 1784 which is before the Common Council decision to tear it down, and 1789...We know that the land on which the fort rested was deeded to St. Peter's Episcopal Church in 1790"
Alden, Fort
Fort Alden, 1778, Otsego County, Cherry Valley. Stockade existed and was destroyed in French and Indian War. Replaced Fort Campbell named for Commander of Continental troops there. Named for its first Commander Col. Ichabod Alden it was a stockade with possibly two blockhouses. Attacked 11 Nov 1778 and again April 1780 when the fort was destroyed. Site now marked by monument in Cherry Valley Cemetery.
Amboy Ferry Post
Amboy Ferry Post, 1777, Staten Island. British fortifications on southwestern shore of Staten Island and garrisoned by three companies.
Amersfort Blockhouse
Amersfort Blockhouse, 1630-1660s, Kings County Brooklyn. Dutch, Flatlands section of Brooklyn.
Amherst, Fort (1)
Fort Amherst (1): Another name incorrectly given to Fort Crown Point in recent guidebooks due to its construction by Sir Jeffrey Amherst. Never refered to as such in contemporary 18th Century military correspondence.
Amherst, Fort (2)
Fort Amherst (2): 1759, Warren County, Queensbury. (Initially called Fort Miller). On halfway brook at the halfway point between Ft Edward and Fort Wm Henry / Fort George. A fortified camp in 1757-58. A fort was constructed in 1759. Occupied by the British during the Burgoyne Campaign in 1777. Burned in 1780 in the Carleton raid. Also near this site was a stockaded enclosure known as Seven-mile post, or Halfway Brook Post, from 1755 - 1776, and a stockaded Garrison in 1758.
Amityville Nike Base
Amityville Nike Base (NY-24), 1957-74, Suffolk County, Amityville. Launcher Area for 30 Nike-Ajax Missiles, later converted to 18 Nike-Hercules Missiles, Integrated Fire Control area was Farmingdale. Inactivated 1974. Site on Farmingdale Road, now Zahn Airport, the launch area is a Reserve Center with the missile pits cemented over for a motor pool. All buildings and double fence intact. For more sites see NIKE and for more information see (Link will open new window.)
Amsterdam, Fort
Fort Amsterdam, 1626, New York County, New York. The Dutch West India Company (1621-1791), was a trading and colonizing company chartered by the States-General of the Dutch republic in 1621 and organized in 1623. The company founded (1626) Fort Amsterdam, which grew to be called New Amsterdam (now New York City). British renamed Fort James Aug 1664 until 1687-1703 when it was renamed Fort George. Briefly reoccupied by the Dutch 1673-74 as Fort Willem Hendrick. Destroyed by Americans 1776. On the site of what is now the Old Custom House at the foot of Broadway.
Anne, Fort
Anne, Fort (1)
Anti-Motor-Torpedo-Boat Batteries
Arnold, Fort
Fort Arnold, 1778, Orange County, West Point. Construction started Feb 1778 on point opposite Constitution Island for the West anchor of the 1778 (2nd) West Point chain. Renamed Fort Clinton in 1780 after General Arnold's desertion to the British.
Arnot Barracks
Arnot Barracks, 1860s, Chemung County, Elmira. Used as a Civil War POW Camp.
Arthur, Camp
Camp Arthur, 1862, Staten Island. Civil War Training Camp.
Atlas Sites
Atlas Sites (1)
Atlas Sites (2)
Au Fer, Fort
Fort au Fer, 1775, Clinton County, Point au Fer. Located one mile South of Rouses Point on Lake Champlain. A large stone house from 1770 was fortified with cannon and intrenchments in 1775, with additional brick barracks and stockade. Occupied by Burgoyne in 1777, remained in British hands until 1796. The house burned about 1805.
Au Sable Atlas
Au Sable Forks, ATLAS F, Site #6: 1961-65, Essex County, Au Sable Forks. see ATLAS F for detailed information.
Augusta, Fort
Fort Augusta, 1755, Orange County, Port Jervis vicinity. A fort from the Colonial Wars on the Delaware River.
Augustus, Fort William
Fort William Augustus, 1760, St Lawrence County, near Ogdensburg. On island in the St. Lawrence River, British. See Fort Levis.
Aurania Stockade
Aurania Stockade, 1624, Rensselaer County, Rensselaer. Stockaded village of French Protestants located near later Fort Crailo.

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