Dannemora Atlas
Dannemora Atlas F, Site #9, 1961-65, Clinton County, Dannemora. see Atlas F for detailed information.
Dayton, Fort
De Nonville, Fort
Decatur Blockhouse
Decker, Fort Martinus
Fort Martinus Decker, 1779, Orange County, Port Jervis. A fortified farmhouse near or on the Delaware River. Rebuilt house stands on West Main Street. Raid July 1779 burned the upper story and stockade.
Decker's Ferry Fort
Defiance, Fort
Defiance, Mount
Delaware, Fort
Fort Delaware, 1760, Pennsylvania. On the Delaware River, also called Lower Fort (2), across from Fort Cochecton, Sullivan Co., NY. This is not a NYS Fort but is listed as it was teamed with one in NY.
Denyse's Heights Blockhouse
Des Sables, Fort
Devens, Fort
Fort Devens, 1757, Sullivan County, 1 1/2 mile north of Wurtsboro. One of a chain of blockhouses.
Dewitt, Fort
Fort Dewitt, 1757. Orange County, Town of Deerpark. One of five built for Orange and Ulster County Militia.
Deyo's Hill, Fort
Fort Deyo's Hill, 1757, Ulster County, US Route 209 North of Kerhonkson, Town of Rochester. One of a series of blockhouses.
Diamond, Fort
Fort Diamond, Earlier name for Fort Lafayette in New York Harbor.
Dobbs Ferry, Forts
Dolson Blockhouse
Dolson Blockhouse, 1735, Orange County, Middletown. Originally a fortified log house. 1750s errected a blockhouse and fortified stone house for protection during French and Indian raids.
Drum, Camp
Camp Drum, 1951, Jefferson County, Watertown. Originally Pine Camp (see Pine Camp for earlier history), renamed Camp Drum in 1951 after Lt. Gen. Hugh A. Drum who commanded the First Army during World War II.
Drum, Camp
Drum, Fort
Fort Drum, 1974, Jefferson County, Watertown. Camp Drum was designated Fort Drum in 1974 and a permanent garrison was assigned. In January 1984, the Department of the Army announced it was studying selected Army posts to house a new light infantry division.
Drum, Fort
DuBois, Fort
Dudley's Battery
Dudley's Battery, 1812-14, Erie County, Buffalo. Just North of Ferry Street, no description of guns mounted. Gibson's Battery to its South, and Swift's Battery to its North. See also Buffalo Batteries for a complete listing of batteries at this time.
Dutch Church Fort
Dutch Church Fort, 1770's, Staten Island, Port Richmond. A fortified stone church of unknown date, destroyed in January 1780 by General Stirling raid.
Dutchess, Camp
Camp Dutchess, 1862, Dutchess County, Poughkeepsie. Located one mile Northeast of Courthouse. Temporary Civil War encampment for Dutchess County Regiment that was part of 150th NY Vol Inf.

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