L'Observation: 1757, French, Jefferson County, 1-1/2 miles from Six Town Point on Henderson Bay, South of Sackets Harbor. Square stockade, French military observation post.
Lafayette, Fort
Laight, Fort
Lancaster Nike Base
Lancaster Nike Base (BU-18): 1956-1970, Integrate Fire Control Area for Nike-Ajax Missiles, associated Launcher area was Milgrove. For more pictures see www.pcpages.com/phoneman/bu18.html (link opens new window)
LaSalle, Fort
Fort LaSalle: 1669, Niagara County, Youngstown. Temporary fort built by LaSalle as overwinter quarters, probably defensible from attack, on the site of the future Fort Niagara. Destroyed by the Senecas in 1675. Next fort on the site was Fort Conti in 1679.
Lawrence, Fort
Fort Lawrence: 1814, Brooklyn, West side of Gowanus Creek, Junction of DeGraw and Bond Streets. Battery of Artillery position.
Levis, Fort
Lewis Atlas F
Lewis Atlas F, Site #5: 1961-65, Essex County. see ATLAS F for detailed information.
Lewis, Fort
Fort Lewis: 1814, Kings County, Brooklyn. A blockhouse and earthworks of 30 guns on Denyse Heights near the future site of Fort Hamilton. See also Denyse's Heights Blockhouse 1813.
Lido Beach Nike Base
Lido Beach Nike Base (NY-29/30): 1955-63, Launchers and Integrated Fire Control Area for 60 Nike-Ajax Missiles. For more information see NIKE and http://alpha.fdu.edu/~bender/NY29.html (link opens new window)
Light Infantry Redoubt
Light Infantry Redoubt: 1759, Crown Point. Light Infantry of Regiments Redoubt is outworks to the South East (land side) of Fort Crown Point. See Fort Crown Point.
Lispenard's Redoubt
Little Niagara, Fort
Little Stone Arabia, Fort
Fort Little Stone Arabia: 1776, Frankfort. Small stockade, no other information on this fort, may be Fort Keyser or Fort Paris.
Lloyd Harbor Nike Base
Look Out, Fort
Lower Mohawk Castle
Lower Mohawk Castle: 1711, Montgomery County, Fort Hunter. See Fort Hunter. Site of I-Can-De-Ro-Ga or Ti-On-On-To-Geh. Lower Castle Mohawks' Wolfclan. Last Mohawk Indian villiage in valley, 1700-1775.
Lower, Fort
Lufberry Field
Lufberry Field: Army Air Service Training Field, Massapequa, Long Island, World War I.
Lydius, Fort
Lyman, Fort

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