Madison Barracks
Manhattan Beach Coast Guard Training Station
Manhattan Beach Coast Guard Training Station: USCG Basic Training and Petty Officer Rating Training Facility during World War 2. 43,000 trainees trained here, including first significant numbers of blacks.
Marcy, Fort
Fort Marcy: Mexican War, New York City. Used as encampment or staging area for New York mobilized troops. Exact location not known. Named in honor of William Marcy, Secretary of War.
Masonic, Fort
Fort Masonic: 1814, Brooklyn, between Nevins and Bond Streets. Rename and reconstruction of Fort Greene (1776).
McGown's Pass Redoubt
Meigs, Fort
Fort Meigs: 1780, West Point, South of Fort Clinton. One of many additional forts added by COL Kosciuszko based on March 1778 plans.
Michie, Fort
Michie, Fort (1)
Middle, Fort
Milgrove Nike Base
Milgrove Nike Base: (BU-18): Mid 1950s-Mid 1960s, Launcher Area for Nike-Ajax Missiles, associated Integrated Fire Control area was Lancaster, see also NIKE. See also (link opens new window)
Mill Rock Blockhouse
Mill Rock Blockhouse: 1812, New York City. Blockhouse on Mill Rock in the middle of the East River, opposite the mouth of the Harlem River. Burned in 1821.
Miller Field
Miller Field: Staten Island. A former U.S.Army Air Corps base, two WW I aircraft hangers. Part of the Gateway Park. Used as a New York National Guard Airfield (Army Air Corps) between the World Wars.
Miller, Fort
Miller, Fort (1)
Millersport Nike Base
Millersport Nike Base (BU-09): Mid 1950s-Mid 1960s, Launcher Area for Nike-Ajax Missiles, associated Integrated Fire Control area was Ransom Creek see also NIKE.
Mills, Camp
Misery, Fort
Fort Misery: 1755, Washington County, S. of Fort Edward. Palisaded blockhouse on high ground on Moses Kill and East side of Hudson River. Abandoned 1764, briefly used by patriots in 1777 to guard road.
Mitchel Field
Model City Nike Base
Model City Nike Base (NF-05): Mid 1950s-Mid 1960s, Launcher and Integrated Fire Control Area (Dual Site) for Nike-Ajax Missiles. See also NIKE.
Montauk Air Force Station
Montgomery, Fort
Montgomery, Fort (1)
Montgomery, Fort (2)
Montgomery, Fort (3)
Montgomery, Fort (4)
Montressor's Island
Mooers, Atlas F
Mooers, Atlas F, Site #12: 1961-65, Clinton County. see ATLAS F for detailed information.
Moreau, Fort
Fort Moreau: 1814 Clinton County, Plattsburgh. Main fort between Fort Brown (west on Saranac River) and Fort Scott (east on Lake) containing 12 Cannons and three buildings. See Plattsburgh Battle Forts for Map and story.
Morgan's Battery
Morgan's Battery: 1812-17, Erie County, Buffalo. A battery of unknown size built by Major Morgan at the Battle of Black Rock to prevent the rebuilding of a destroyed bridge over Conjaquadie's Creek.
Morton, Fort
Fort Morton: 1811, East coast of Staten Island for harbor defense. Possibly only a battery it was controlled by Fort Tompkins 1812. May have become part of Fort Wadsworth.
Mount Hope Fort
Mount Independence
Mount Independence (Vermont): Atop this rugged promontory along the Vermont shore of Lake Champlain, American Revolutionary War troops built a fort complex to guard against a British attack from Canada. The troops named it Mount Independence in honor of the Declaration of Independence. This new fort faced north and stood across the lake from the fort at Ticonderoga.
Mount Nebo Nike Base
Mount Nebo Nike Base (NY-03): 1955-74, Rockland County. Integrated Fire Control Area, now City of Orangeburg park. Associated Launch area was Orangeburg. For more information see and NIKE. (Links open new windows)

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