Narrows Fort
Narrows Fort: 1776, Brooklyn. A patriot redoubt near Denyse Point on the Narrows, future site of Fort Hamilton. Americans withdrew at British landing of August 1776. Used by the British until their withdrawal from NYC in 1782.
Nassau, Fort
Neck, Fort
Fort Neck: 1653, Massapequa, Nassau County. Cpt. Underhill's 1653 campaign against the Long Island indians. Site at Merrick Road and Cedar Shore Drive.
Neilson, Fort
Neilson, Fort (1)
Nellis, Fort
Fort Nellis: 1776, St. Johnsville, Montgomery County. A fortified house of Christian Nellis near Fort Klock.
New Jersey, Fort
Fort New Jersey: (Fort Neversink) 1756, Orange County, Port Jervis. Near Delaware and Neversink Rivers, intersection of E. Main and New Jersey Avenue. Also referred to as Fort Minisink or one of the Minisink Forts. Area claimed by both NY and NJ.
New Petersburgh Fort
New Petersburgh Fort: 1764, East Schuyler, Herkimer County. Three palisaded log houses, five miles west of Fort Dayton, on the north side of the Mohawk. New Petersburgh Fort - A stockade built and used by the pioneers of Schuyler prior to and during the American Revolution.
New Scotland Avenue (Troop B) Armory
New Windsor Cantonment
New York State Arsenal
Newport, Fort
Niagara Falls Air National Guard Base
Niagara Falls Air National Guard Base: Niagara Falls. In 1969 the BOMARC site was totally removed for construction of the Air Base.
Niagara Falls BOMARC Base
Niagara, Fort
Niagara, Fort (1)
Niagara, Fort (2)
Niagara, Fort (3)
Niagara, Fort (4)
Niagara, Fort (5)
Nicholson, Fort
Nike Base, Amityville
See: Amityville Nike Base
NIKE Bases
NIKE Bases (1)
Niskayuna, Fort
Nonsense, Fort
Fort "Nonsense": Poquott, Suffolk. American 1813, one gun, on Port Jefferson Harbor.
Noonten Eylandt Fort
Nooten Eylandt Fort: Governor's Island, Dutch 1624-25. Abandoned for Fort Amsterdam, Manhattan.
North Redoubt
North Redoubt: 1778, Garrison, American. In 1778 as part of the enlarged defenses of West Point two redoubts (North and South) were built two miles southeast of Constitution Island in the highlands en-route to Continental Village. Constructed on two sides of the hill now known as Fort Hill between the Village of Garrison and US Route 9.
Numbered Blockhouse in New York City
Numbered Forts in New York City

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