Paris, Fort
Pentagon, Fort
Philipsburg Blockhouse
Pike, Fort
Pine Camp
Pine Camp (1)
Pitt, Fort
Plain, Fort
Plain, Fort (1)
Plain, Fort (2)
Plank, Fort
Plattsburgh Air Force Base
Plattsburgh Arsenal
Plattsburgh Barracks
Plattsburgh Barracks (1)
Plattsburgh Battle Forts
Plumb Point, Fort
Plume, Camp Joseph W.
Camp Joseph W. Plume: July-Aug 1891, Erie County, Buffalo. 202nd Regiment NY Volunteers organized and mustered at camp for Spanish-American War then went to Camp Black. Location not known, possibly near 65th Regimental Armory.
Poinsett Barracks
Porter, Fort
Porter, Fort (1)
Porter, Fort (2)
Porter, Fort (3)
Post Barracks
Post Barracks: 1860s, Chemung County, Elmira. Temporary Civil War training facility for recruits in Elmira area. Location not known. See also Camp Rathburn and Robinson Barracks.
Presentation, Fort La
Prince, Fort
Princess Bay Blockhouse
Putnam, Fort

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