Ramapo Nike Base
Ramapo Nike Base (NY-99): 1956-63, Launcher Area for 30 Nike-Ajax Missiles, IFC area was Spring Valley. Inactivated 1963. Site owned by East Ramapo School District and is partially intact. See also NIKE For more information see http://alpha.fdu.edu/~bender/NY99.html (link opens new window)
Ransom Creek Nike Base
Ransom Creek (BU-09) Nike Base: Mid 1950s-Mid 1960s, Integrated Fire Control Area for Nike-Ajax Missiles, associated launcher area was Millersport. See also NIKE
Rathburn, Camp
Camp Rathburn: 1860s, Chemung County, Elmira. Temporary Civil War Encampment. See also Post Barracks, and Camp Robinson, looking for more information on location.
Rebel Redoubt
Rebel Redoubt: 1776, Bronx, American. Captured by the British who added an abatis. Abandoned Fall 1779. North of British Fort Number 8.
Red Fort
Red Fort: 1807-11, New York City, also known as North Battery, 200 feet into Hudson River, off Hubert Street, about pier 27 area. Constructed of red sandstone hence its name. 16 guns. Closed 1831. [Description of image] Red Fort (North Battery) 1808
Red Hook Barracks
Red Hook Barracks: 1776-82, Red Hook, Dutchess County. Five miles north of Rhinebeck on east bank of the Hudson were the American Barracks. Garrisoned to protect the river crossing and powder mill. Major rest area for units moving between New England and Mid Atlantic.
Redford Atlas
Redford ATLAS F, Site #8: 1961-65, Clinton County, Redford. See ATLAS F for detailed information.
Reid (Reed), Fort
Fort Reid(Reed): 1779, Chemung County, Elmira. Erected during Iroquois expeditions in the summer of 1779. Located at junction of Chemung (Tioga) River and Newtown Creek. Destroyed September 1779 at completion of the expedition.
Rensselaer, Fort
Rheimensnyder's Fort
Rheimensnyder's Fort: 1776, Herkimer County, Dolgeville. Blockhouse built by Henry Rheimensnyder. Area attacked April 1780. Burned down a few years after the war.
Richmond, Fort
Rickey, Fort
Fort Rickey: 1759, Oneida County. Built Jul-Dec 1759 as a post at West Canada Creek and Wood Creek junctions for 50 troops. A t-shaped fort of 80' by 30' in its main section. Basically an outpost of Fort Stanwix at the Wood Creek carry point and dam. In ruins by 1776.
Riverview Atlas
Riverview ATLAS F, Site #7: 1961-65, Franklin County, Riverview. See ATLAS F for detailed information.
Robinson Barracks
Robinson Barracks: 1860s, Chemung County, Elmira. Temporary Civil War Installation. See also Post Barracks, and Camp Rathburn, looking for more information on location.
Rockaway Naval Air Station (NAS)
Rocky Point (NY-25) Nike Base
Rome Air Depot
Rome Air Depot: 1941, Oneida County, Rome. Became Griffiss AFB, see Griffiss AFB
Rome Air Development Center
Rome Air Development Center: 1951, Oneida County, Rome. Part of Griffiss AFB, see Rome Laboratory.
Rome Arsenal
Rome Arsenal (1)
Rome Laboratory
Rome Laboratory: 1990, Oneida County, Rome. Part of Griffiss AFB. Get history of Laboratory on-line at www.rl.af.mil/History/rl-brief-history.html. (link opens new window)
Roosevelt Field
Rose, Camp
Camp Rose: 1917-1919, Westchester County, Croton Reservoir. World War I encampment of New York Guard First Provisional Regiment near "Pines Bridge". Used while guarding New York City water supply
Roslyn Air Base
Royal Blockhouse
Royal, Magazin'
Royal Magazin': 1719, Niagara County. Another name for Joncaire's Blockhouseor Fort Joncaire.

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