Sacandaga Blockhouse
Sacketts Harbor Forts
Sag Harbor Fort
SAGE (Semiautomatic Ground Environment System)
Sailor's Battery
Sailor's Battery: 1812-17, Erie County, Buffalo. South side of Conjaquadie's Creek near its mouth with the Niagara River. A Battery of three 32 pounders. Last in a line of 8 Batteries from the Terrace to the Creek. To the South was Swift's Battery.
Salem, Fort
Salonga (Slonga), Fort
Salt Battery
Salt Battery: War of 1812, Niagara County, Village of Youngstown. An impromptu battery to protect the Village docks, constructed of 400 barrels of salt.
Salt Point Blockhouse
Salt Point Blockhouse: 1795, Onondaga County, N. Syracuse. Salt Point bluff is near bridge over Oswego Canal, and Route 81 and Hiawatha Blvd. Blockhouse was 20 foot high building with loopholes, surrounded by a 20 foot palisade. Demolished in 1816.
Sampson Army Airfield
Sampson Naval Hospital
Sampson Naval Training Base
Sanborn (NF-16) Nike Base
Sanborn (NF-16) Nike Base: Mid 1950s-Mid 1960s, Integrated Fire Control Area for Nike-Ajax Missiles, associated launcher area was Cambria See Nike for more information.
Saraghtoga, Fort
Fort Saraghtoga: 1704, Washington County, Town of Easton. 150 feet long by 140 feet wide to house 450 troops. Had six 12 pounders and six 18 pounders. Located on East side of Hudson River opposite Fort Saratoga. Demolished in 1713.
Saratoga Battle Forts
Saratoga Battle Forts: For details see Fort Neilson, Balcarres Redoubt, Breymann Redoubt, and Great Redoubt. For more information see: (link opens new window)
Saratoga, Fort
Schenectady Service Force Depot
Schenectady Stockade
Schenectady Stockade (1)
Schlosser, Fort
Schroeppel Fort
Town of Schroeppel Fort: 1758-59, Oswego County, Town of Schroeppel. A stockaded fort about 60 feet square with three storehouses. Site on NY Route 57 at Three Rivers.
Schuyler, Fort
Schuyler, Fort (1)
Schuyler, Fort (2)
Schuyler's Supply Depot
Schuyler's Supply Depot: 1777, Saratoga County, Stillwater. Built on or near previous forts and barracks (Ingoldsby 1709, Winslow 1756, Montressor 1758), General Phillip Schuyler built fortified supply depot in preparation for Burgoyne's advance. [Description of image] Historic Sites Fort Ingoldsby built 1709 Fort Winslow built 1756 Montressor's Blockhouse & Storehouse Barracks 1758 Schuylers Supply Depot 1777
Scotia Naval Supply Depot
Scott, Camp Winfield
Camp Winfield Scott: 1860, Suffolk County, Long Island. Near what later was Camp Black.
Scott, Fort
Seneca Army Depot
Setauket, Fort
Shanks, Camp
Skenesborough, Fort
Slocum, Fort
Slocum, Fort (1)
Smith, Camp
Smith, Camp (1)
Smith, Camp (2)
Smith, Camp (3)
South Battery
South Redoubt
South Redoubt: 1778, Putnam County, Village of Garrison, American. As part of the enlarged defenses of West Point two redoubts (North and South) were built two miles southeast of Constitution Island in the highlands enroute to Continental Village. Constructed on two sides of a hill now known as Fort Hill between the Village of Garrison and US Route 9.
Southampton Old Fort
Town of Southampton Old Fort: 1777-8, Suffolk County. Site of British fort during occupation.
Sow (Oquaga), Battery Old
Battery Old Sow (Oquaga): 1812-14, Erie County, Buffalo. Near present City Water Plant, earthwork with one 8 inch Mortar. To the North was Fort Tompkins, and to the South was the Gookins Battery.
Speed Blockhouse
Speed Blockhouse: 1806, Tompkins County, Town of Caroline (Speedsville). On NY Route 79 - 1 and 1/2 mile west of town.
Spiral Fort
Spiral Fort: : 1776, Kings County, Brooklyn. See Fort Corkscrew.
Spring Valley (NY-99) Nike Base
Spring Valley (NY-99) Nike Base: 1956-63, Integrated Fire Control Area Nike-Ajax Missiles, launcher area was Ramapo. Inactivated 1963. Site owned by East Ramapo School District and is partially intact. For more information see (link opens new window)
St. Anne, Fort
Fort St. Anne: 1667, Isle La Motta, Lake Champlain, Vermont. French fort. For more information see STE. ANNE (link opens new window)
St. Croix, Fort
Fort St.Croix (1): 1620s, Rensselaer County, West of Town of North Hoosick. Dutch stockade with cannon on North east bank of the Hoosick River. Destroyed some years later. Fort St. Croix (2): 1750s, Rensselaer County. Built to protect Dutch settlement and guard Houstatonic Valley during French and Indian War.
St. George, Fort
Fort St. George: 1777, Suffolk County, Mastic, Smith's Point. British, 1777-1780, a triangular fort included existing manor houses in two corners and a fortification in the third. Served as British supply base, destroyed in Nov 1780 raid.
St. Theresa, Fort
Fort St. Theresa: 1665, Richelieu River, Quebec, Canada. French fort at head of rapids near Lake Champlain.
Stanwix, Fort
Star Redoubt
Star Redoubt: 1776, New York City, See Lispenard's Redoubt.
Stark, Fort
Fort Stark: 1812-15, Jefferson County, Sackets Harbor. A minor redoubt in a fortified line of 4 such "forts" (Kentucky, Virginia, Chauncey, Stark) anchored at Fort Pike on the Bay (later Madison Barracks) protecting the land side of Sackets Harbor.
Ste. Frederic, Fort
Ste. Marie Degannentaha
Fort Ste. Marie Degannentaha: 1656, Onondaga County, Onondaga Lake, Syracuse. Constructed in 1656 to protect a French settlement, abandoned about 1658. Current reconstruction based on original Jesuit plans of the French Fort and Stockade.
Sterling, Fort
Stevens, Fort
Stewart Air Force Base
Stillwater Blockhouse
Stony Point
Stratton Air National Guard Base
Stratton Air National Guard Base: Schenectady County, Scotia. Need base history. [Description of image] Stratton ANGB, Scotia, Main Entrance Gate -- Photo by ??
Suffolk BOMARC Base
Suffolk County Air Force Base
Suffolk County Air Force Base: 1950, Suffolk County, Westhampton Beach. USAF Interceptor base, picking up air defense of Metropolitan NY from Mitchel Field until that mission was transferred to McGuire AFB, NJ. Then became 1st BOMARC Missle Interceptor Station.
Suffolk County Airport
Suffolk County Airport: 1969, Suffolk County, Westhampton Beach. Now Gabreski Airport and the Westhampton Beach Air National Guard Base.
Sullivan, Fort
Fort Sullivan: 1779, Tioga. Built by Americans during the Clinton-Sullivan expedition against the Iroguois in 1779.
Sutherland, Fort
Fort Sutherland: 1778, Kings County, Brooklyn. British rename of Fort Greene (1776).
Swart's Fort
Swift, Fort
Fort Swift: 1812, Kings County, Brooklyn. Built on site of former Fort Corkscrew (1776) by General Joseph G. Swift. Site bordered by Atlantic Avenue, Court, Pacific, and Clinton Streets.
Swift's Battery

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